Fidelio Board Breakfast – “BOARDS, STRATEGY AND CHINA”, 4 JULY 2017

October 2017 Table Talk


While Boards in the West have been preoccupied with Brexit, the unexpected Trump victory and increased anti-business sentiment, China continues to be a major driver of global growth and is expected to become the largest economy in the world by 2020.

Through Search and Development Fidelio has a clear focus on building Boards fit for the future. It is evident that an understanding of China is essential for Boards with international ambition, all the more so given the rise of nationalist, anti-global sentiment in Europe and the US.

Fidelio was delighted to host a Board breakfast on Tuesday 4th July with Gordon Orr, former Managing Partner and Head of Asia McKinseyand Non-Executive Member, Lenovo and Swire Pacific on the theme of “Boards, Strategy and China”.

In a broad ranging discussion, drawing on his McKinsey heritage and current Board experience for leading Chinese/Hong Kong companies, Gordon tackled both inward investment into China and international expansion by Chinese companies. We also explored sectors from automotive to Financial Services; and luxury goods to semiconductors.

Over breakfast a number of key points emerged, including:

Fidelio’s focus is building Boards fit for the future. We do this through Search, Development and Evaluation on an international basis.

China clearly plays an important future role for many Western companies. If you are looking to strengthen the ability of your Board/leadership team to engage effectively with the Chinese market, get in touch via or +44 (0)207 759 2200.

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