Gender Balance Matters – More Than Ever – In International Boardrooms

October 2017 Press Releases

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Public scandal is rife regarding the abuse of power by those in authority. On an international basis, the importance of an effective Board has never been greater. This includes gender balance.

Indeed as Fidelio supports Chairs and CEOs globally, we see increasing recognition that diversity is critical to composition of the Board and leadership team. This is also reflected in the strong international interest in Fidelio’s “A Seat at the Table” for senior female executives and directors. To date 50% of participants in the Programme have been international, typically from leading global companies, frequently recommended by a Chair keen to develop talented women within the organisation.

The fifth iteration of the “A Seat at the Table” Programme in March 2018 will maintain this invaluable level of international diversity.

International Diversity Imperative – From DAX 30 to Fortune 500

As society becomes more fractious, business has a critical role to play in diversity and inclusion including at the Board table. Fidelio supports clients to this end in the UK and beyond:

Women in the Driving Seat of Their – International – Board Careers

Once again in March 2018 the “A Seat at the Table” Programme will focus on four critical takeaways to put women in the driving seat of their own international Board careers:

1. Direct learning from senior, experienced and respected Chairs, and what they expect from their Boards

2. How Boards effectively interact with their stakeholders and shareholders

3. Boards in action: effectiveness at the Boardroom table and handling crises

4. Your profile and how to achieve your Board ambition

Everything I took from the programme is actionable in my current role and beyond

CEO, Major Online Banking Subsidiary, Leading Global Bank


With the recent rise in anti-globalisation, it is imperative for business to remain open and international. Diversity will support this. Fidelio is accustomed to operating cross-border, cross-sector, cross-function and we are delighted to support Chairs across the globe in ensuring that diversity flourishes.

If you are interested in increasing the diversity of your Board and/or developing talented women within your organisation including through Fidelio’s “A Seat at the Table” Programme, please contact Emily Baker for further details.

The fifth iteration of the Programme will be held at Leeds Castle, Kent on 13th– 14th March 2018.

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