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February 2018 Press Releases

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Fidelio’s “A Seat at the Table” Programme for senior female executives and directors is recognised for its contribution to building Boards fit for the future. In a UK context we are delighted to welcome highly experienced FTSE100 Chairs to share their views on Board effectiveness and Board composition.

But we think beyond the UK. After all, some 56% of FTSE company quoted shares are now held by international shareholders, while over 32% of FTSE150 Board Members are from foreign jurisdictions to their company. Indeed the majority of participants on the “A Seat at the Table” Programme are thinking about Board effectiveness in an international context, recognising the global competition for capital and talent. Frequently they have a long-term interest in establishing an international Board portfolio.

Now in its fifth iteration “A Seat at the Table” has always been international in its focus. To date we have been joined by participants from Africa, the US, Continental Europe and the UK. This continues in the 13th – 14th March 2018 “A Seat at the Table” Programme with a focus on the international Boardroom, looking at the UK and beyond and understanding shareholder and stakeholder expectations for Boards across the globe.

Fidelio’s 2018 “A Seat at the Table” Programmes are to be held from 13th – 14th March and 5th – 6th September at Leeds Castle, Kent. We are currently finalising places for the March Programme and are now taking reservations for the September Programme.

For more information on Fidelio’s work building Boards fit for the future through Search, Development and Evaluation, please click here or contact Luke Main.

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