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Board Composition & Search

Fidelio Partners brings rigour, transparency and innovation to Board Search. Board composition has become a key plank of good governance; Fidelio provides Chairmen with methodology, process and a rich candidate selection to achieve this goal.

An effective Board is a diverse Board; Fidelio brings process and intellectual rigour to Board Search which underpins diversity.

Our ability to navigate key stakeholders and shareholders and understand their expectations for Boards is a key differentiator in Fidelio’s Search process. The outcome is well-placed Boards to enhance value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Delivering Board Development

Chairmen recognise the importance and obligation of ensuring the Board is well prepared and has the insights and perspectives needed not only to deal with today’s challenges but also threats and opportunities on the horizon. Fidelio engages daily with shareholders and stakeholders to understand their concerns and aspirations for Boards; this enables us to create and deliver bespoke Development modules and programmes which ensure continuous Board learning and bring critical perspectives into the Board room. Key topics for Boards include: Boards in crisis; Boards and activism; and the Board’s role in sustainability.

Recognising the importance of developing the pipeline of female executives Fidelio has also developed the unique Seat at the Table programme which prepares talented women to take a Seat at the top Table.

Women on the Table

Board Effectiveness

Chairmen are highly focussed on enhancing Board effectiveness. Fidelio supports the Chairman through both formal and informal Board evaluation processes. We bring our deep understanding of stakeholder and shareholder requirements to bear, as well as Professor Bob Garratt’s internationally recognised governance expertise. Additionally Fidelio provides bespoke modules which address Board dynamic and interaction.

In the Boardroom

Excellence in Board Search and Development


Innovative and effective approach to Board Search.

Listening and Learning

Fidelio supports continuous Board learning.


Fidelio is familiar with the Boardroom and is well connected across a diverse senior and international network.


Serving Stakeholders

Boards operate where interests collide. Fidelio helps them to navigate complexity and conflict

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